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Special Announcement for Members &

Friends of Unity Chapel of Light.


During the Covid19 National Emergency and in support of Ohio Governor DeWine’s “stay at home order” we are making arrangements for your board of trustees and leadership council to meet remotely for as long as is necessary to protect the safety of the participants. Although electronic meetings are not in compliance with our stated bylaws, we must ensure the safety of our leadership and continue to fulfill our duties and obligations as leaders of this ministry. No other provision of the bylaws is impacted by this decision.


Onsite operations have ceased. The building is closed and will remain so until further notice. Select key staff members may be periodically present to address issues vital to the ministry, and to ensure the building is secure. We are experiencing a seismic societal shift. As a spiritual community we are more than capable of adapting to the multiple changes that may be before us.


I remain confident that we can continue serve our congregation well and that the members and friends will continue to support their church. We cannot rely solely on our expanded use of technology and our considerable skill. Our skill and technology must be guided by Spirit. We must go first to God for guidance and illumination and then to our congregation and community as God directs. In this we cannot fail!



In lieu of Sunday Morning Services, we will be posting a video message from Rev. Ric weekly on Sunday Morning at 10 AM.

  You can find it here. (Make sure you click on the most recent recording!)


If you have a prayer request please use our online form.  It will be forwarded to our prayer team.


We appreciate your continued support and gifts. 

You can give online through our website,

or use Text-to-Give program at 330-390-4262. (Instructions)


We will also be sending weekly update email messages to anyone who signed up to receive CommUnity News. (You can subscribe on this page!)


Please check back here for future updates!




From time to time individuals wish to renew or deepen their spiritual journey. If that is the case for you, Unity Chapel of Light can support that process.

Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. Unity is a positive path for spiritual living. Are you looking for a spiritual center that is inclusive and open-minded, that encourages personal initiative and growth and is spiritual, holistic and intuitive? 


Unity provides a positive alternative to negative religious experiences. 

  • We believe that prayer works,
  • We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential,
  • We help people have a stronger connection to God everyday,
  • We provide a philosophy that is spiritual not religious; and love-based, not fear-based,
  • We believe in making a positive difference in the world,
  • We believe in being a positive example and role model.

Many people from all walks of life and diverse spiritual paths have found a new spiritual home at Unity. For more information about Unity Chapel of Light and our spiritual leader click About Us on the menu.

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