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Memorials: A Gift That Continues to Give     

Often times we are asked, how can I make a memorial gift to the church? Many times individuals choose to make memorial gifts to the ministry in lieu of flowers when a friend or loved one passes away. These lasting gifts are often more meaningful than flowers due to the gift’s ability to continue giving.

The Unity Chapel of Light Memorial Gift Program allows you to make a gift in memory of a friend or loved one and to support the work of this ministry at the same time. When you make a gift you will receive a letter acknowledging your gift. Then according to your instructions a letter is sent to a family member of the individual the gift honors. Of course no mention is made of the amount of your gift in this letter. This opportunity allows you to remember those people who have given richly into your life while giving richly into the lives of others. The cycle of good continues. Memorial giving envelopes are available at the church.

Other Memorial Giving

From time to time we are asked if other memorial giving opportunities exist. Occasionally individuals will make special memorial gifts at various times during the year. These times include:

  • The anniversary of someone’s passing
  • On Memorial Day
  • On a Birthday
  • On Christmas
  • On Easter
  • On Other Holidays
  • On A Wedding Anniversary

Memorial gifts allow us to publicly remember loved ones and support the ministry as well. Memorial gifts allow us to make permanent improvements to our facilities and support the ongoing work of the ministry.