A Positive Path for Spiritual Living



To ensure the safety of our congregants and staff we will cease operations in the building

effective 10 pm today, Wednesday, November 25th.


Essential staff and key volunteers will be in the building on Sunday mornings to live stream our service. Staff will be in the building from time to time and may be working from home as well. We will continue to serve you to the best of our ability using the technology available to us. In addition, you will soon receive in the mail two Christmas piece; we trust you will find a blessing in them. We are available by phone and email as always. 


Plan to be with us online at our Website or on Facebook each Sunday morning at 10 AM.


All services are archived on both platforms for viewing at a later date. This feature makes it easy to share our message with family and friends. We are currently developing a powerful Christmas Eve “Candle Lighting Service”. Nothing can take the place of our Christmas Eve gathering, but watch the December issue of our CommUnity News for a special announcement about Christmas Eve. Thank you for prayerfully supporting your board and staff as we continue to provide your church with the leadership to carry us through.  


Throughout the pandemic electronic giving has been the preferred method for many of our members and friends.

Both PayPal and our Text to Give Program offer a convenient reoccurring gift option.  I thank you for continuing your financial support during these trying times. Together and with God’s help we will not just survive we will thrive and grow as individuals and as a spiritual community.