A Positive Path for Spiritual Living

The Sunday school experience at Unity Chapel of Light…

Our kids are taught by a dynamic group of rotating teachers who help to guide them along their spiritual journey. Our classes are broken into the following age groups…



Primary Class- Kindergarten-2nd Grade
This age group focuses on reinforcing the idea that God is within us, around us, everywhere present and loves us unconditionally. Teaching and learning is done through music, movement, art and appropriate children’s literature and Bible stories. Children also learn Unity’s Prayer of Protection, the 12 Powers, and begin understanding the five principles of Unity.





Intermediate Class- 3rd-5th Grade
This age group’s focus is creating a basic understanding of the Bible and how its stories reflect our basic Unity principles as well as continued education of the 12 Powers. Children begin to understand the practice of meditation and the beginnings of metaphysical interpretation are introduced as well.